Reliable Web Hosting Services

When it comes to running your business online, you put all your faith in the hands of the company running your website and its Internet connectivity – the Hosting company. Yet so many business owners try to save a few bucks by choosing a budget host. Not surprisingly, budget hosts save their bucks too – picking budget equipment, budget backbone providers, and budget off-shore technical support.

All of this budgeting adds up to a bad word:  unreliability

Our secure fail-safe web servers
are located at a mission-critical Internet Data Center in the United States.

Reliable Web Hosting Services

Our Data Center features:

  • High performance Apache web servers running Unix – the most stable Operating System on the most reliable Web Server platform in the world
  • Fully switched, collision-free network with 10 GigE fiber-optic redundant connectivity to multiple backbone providers
  • Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to standby generator, and Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFS)
  • 24/7 server monitoring, daily backups, and mirrored configurations in multiple, independent, geographically diverse locations
  • 100% on-site technical support in the USA

should never be compromised in online business
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