PC Clean & Tune-Up

Over time, home and office PC’s get slower and slower.  The time it takes Windows to startup and your desktop to appear without an hour glass can feel like an eternity.  You may also have a missing file or printer connection error that won’t go away.  Whatever the case may be, when it gets to the point of frustration, it’s time for a PC Clean and Tune-Up.

Our PC Clean & Tune-Up service includes:

• Deep-scan system drive for errors and repair

• Locate apps and files to keep

• Remove unnecessary apps and files

• Troubleshoot startup errors

• Install Windows updates

• Install Task Manager

• Optimize Startup apps

• Optimize Firewall settings

• Install Microsoft Security Essentials

• Install Advanced Malware protection

• Clean system exterior and interior components

Now the system will startup and run faster with all your applications, documents, pictures, work and personal files (documents, music, pictures, etc) in tact.

Our PC Clean & Tune-Up rejuvenates systems so they feel like new again
We can also install a multi-cloud backup to protect your data from catastrophic hard drive failure, fire, and theft

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