MyWebManager™ is a powerful, yet simple to use, Content Management System (CMS) that lets YOU manage your website easily – without having to contact a Webmaster.  On one screen, all your web pages are stored in a database with the content at your finger tips.

Click the web page name you want to change at top, and its content is ready to edit in a simple text editor at bottom.  No more time-consuming, complicated, website updates – it’s THAT simple!

Here’s the setup process:

  • Phase 1 – We review websites that you really like, as well your competitors sites.  Then we discuss exactly how you want your website to ‘look and feel’ – this will give us a great start.
  • Phase 2 – We design some sample layouts of your homepage.  Then we fine tune the best layout until you’re completely satisfied.
  • Phase 3 – After you approve the final layout we begin creating the dynamic web page ‘templates’ for your site.  Every template adheres to the website layout – they are aesthetically pleasing and consistently formatted (“static” websites lack this quality).
  • Phase 4 – We obtain all of your website content – provided by you and/or copied from your old site (if you had one) and enter into the database.
  • Phase 5 – We link the database fields with the dynamic web page templates so every time the “Update Web Site” button is clicked your website content is synchronized in seconds.
  • Phase 6 – Finally, we install the software at your office, home, laptop, etc. and show you how to use it.

In just five minutes you’ll be on your way to updating your website anytime you want, from anywhere you want – it’s THAT simple!

Whether you need to fix a few typo’s or change dozens of web pages, this software does it all.  And if at anytime you’re too busy to update the site yourself, we can update it for you more cost-effectively using our software.

MyWebManager™ has a built-in redundant backup system that synchronizes with the web server, saving all your website content both local and remote.