Malware Spyware Virus Removal

When Malware, Spyware, or a Virus infects your hard drive it copies itself to all connected storage devices (external, flash, and network drives), attempts to copy itself to everyone in your home or office network, and tries to email itself to your contacts – and it didn’t even get started yet.

Today’s malicious software packs a lot more than frustrating computer problems – it usually packs a sinister payload:

  • Backdoor – allows hackers to connect to your PC
  • Keylogger – allows hackers to see everything you type
  • Ransomware – encrypts and locks your PC until you pay a ransom, over and over
  • Trojan Horse – runs something at a later date when you least expect it

Once a hacker connects to your PC and/or sees what you type, they’re clicks away from your bank and credit card logins, utility service logins (Cable, Internet, Electric), and any accounts you accessed on your PC.  After they login to your accounts, they’ll swap your email address with theirs and change your password so you’re locked out.  Now they can transfer funds, turn off services, and do anything they feel like without you receiving an email confirmation or warning.

Today’s hackers are professional cyber-criminals hired by foreign crime-syndicates and paid by the quality and quantity of personal data they steal from the systems they compromise.  The more personal info they extract, the more they make – and the more you lose.

Symptoms of Malware-Spyware-Virus

  • Your mouse pointer moves around randomly
  • You see unexpected messages or images
  • You hear unexpected random sounds
  • Windows open and/or applications start randomly
  • Firewall alert about an unrecognized app trying to access the Internet
  • Friend or associate said they received an odd e-mail from you
  • After reboot the PC still runs extremely slow and/or freezes

Cyber-thieves are into Identity Theft
[wikipedia], once they have enough of your personal info they become your alter-ego [see How to create an anonymous alter ego in 6 easy steps] and wreak financial havoc.

If your PC is infected with Malware, Spyware, or a Virus we know how to remove it
For over 30 years, we’ve removed the worst PC infections, including Zero-day [wikipedia] attacks

If your Home or Office PC has some of the symptoms above don’t do anything
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