A decade before E x p e r i e n c e d . c o m launched . . .
Lead Programmer/Analyst > Database Administrator > Sr. Software Developer > Project Manager > e-Commerce Architect (Total 9 yrs, 2 mo)

SEC Online Inc. – Hauppauge, New York (3 yrs, 2 mo)
Financial Market Data Provider of SEC Filings for Publicly Traded Companies
First full-text digital library of Security and Exchange Commission filings produced and distributed by electronic means

D a n i e l M o n a g h a n
1988 May – Data Center Operations Specialist, Programmer/Analyst (1 yr)

Streamlined Data Center Operations by conceiving and developing an automated Tape Management System (TMS) with fast-entry user-interface (UI) to manage and track all media received and shipped, print volume labels, shipping labels, and packing slips – ensured accurate and timely distribution of electronic media with on-screen tracking.

Created ad-hoc analysis reports detailing SEC filings (Annual Report, 10K, 10Q, Proxy) currently in production, indexed and sorted by variable criterium – expedited distribution of highest priority financial statements.

Authored technical manual (“Data Tape Production Guide”) detailing procedures and guidelines for loading source data to production server and finalizing master tapes for backup and distribution – ensured media reliability for world-wide financial networks: Dow Jones & Company, Standard & Poor’s, Mead Lexus/Nexus, Westlaw, and ICC/London. [Promoted]

1989 May – Lead Programmer/Analyst (+1 yr)

Customized and optimized mission-critical database applications for client-server Production Dept. system managing 5,000 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) & American Stock Exchange (AMSE) companies, and 40,000 SEC filings – ensured optimal performance on server and workstations.

Created ad-hoc quality control reports identifying data-entry errors and implemented field validation rules – ensured data integrity in the document production system.

Authored and maintained training manual (“Production Application”) with user-interface (UI) screenshots and captions detailing the data-entry screens, field validationction, database guidelines, field validation criteria, and status reports identifying highest priority filings – ensured thorough understanding of the system.

Authored and maintained technical manual (“Production Database”) detailing database schemas, field validation criteria, applications, reports, source code, and maintenance routines – ensured software documentation and database administration procedures were up-to-date.

Conceived and implemented Vendor Invoice Report detailing billed vs. actual data-entry charges – identified over a quarter-million dollars in vendor overcharges. [Promoted]

1990 May – Database Administrator, Head Developer (+1 yr, 2 mo)

ILT Course Certified Rapid Application Development (RAD) in Oracle and Progress 4GL/SQL 10-day Intensive Training Seminar (ITS) sponsored by Sequent Computer Systems.

Deployed state-of-the-art Progress 4GL/SQL Server development platform for Novell NetWare, designed new RDBMS for SEC company profiles and filings, and migrated legacy databases to new SQL Server architecture.

Developed cross-platform user interface (UI) for new RDBMS in Progress 4GL/SQL (“The Company Resume”) profiling 5,000 NYSE & AMEX companies, and served as the primary index to 40,000 electronic SEC filings; Designed custom command-line interface (CLI) with user-friendly search paradigm for advanced RDBMS queries on our proprietary online platform.

Authored and maintained technical manual (“The Company Resume”) detailing RDBMS schema and implementation guidelines included on commercial CD-ROM and distributed daily to world-wide financial networks: Dow Jones & Company, Standard & Poor’s, Mead Lexus/Nexus, Westlaw, and ICC/London.

Authored and maintained technical manual (“Database Administrator’s Guide”) detailing RDBMS schema, keys, indexes, applications, reports, source code, maintenance tasks and responsibilities – ensured database integrity, performance, reliability, and security.

1991 July – SEC Online Inc. acquired by Disclosure Inc. and relocated to Maryland

1992 July – U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission begins early testing of EDGAR

After early testing in 1992-93, beginning with 450 voluntary filers, companies began filing through EDGAR in 1994-95 with various phase-in periods for different form types. See Electronic Filing and the EDGAR System: A Regulatory Overview for more historical details.

This SEC.GOV page allows you to search the full text of EDGAR filings from the last four years:

Weber Systems, Inc. – Hauppauge, New York (5 yrs, 11 mo)
Enterprise Systems Integration & Software Development
MSDN Visual Studio (VFP for Windows & Mac, Visual Basic, Visual C++, .NET/ASP, IIS, JavaScript), NT & LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl) Client-Server Platforms

1991 Aug – Head Programmer/Analyst, Software Developer (2 yrs)

Customized AccountMate™ Accounting software modules per client needs: Accounts Receivable (A/R), Sales Order (S/O), Accounts Payable (A/P), Purchase Order (P/O), General Ledger (G/L), Inventory Control (I/C), Point-of-Sale System (POS).

Developed AccountMate™ add-in (“Customer Account Query”) with detailed Customer Profiles, Sales, Payments, and Aging; Summary to detail Invoices, Sales Orders, Credits, Payments; Real-time Inventory status with Transactions History.

Reviewed and discussed software modification requests with clients, examined source code to estimate implementation time, and created detailed Sales Quotes; Modified software upon approval, deployed updates, and Invoiced clients.

Developed AccountMate™ stand-alone software (“Windows Account Query”) for commercial release with in-depth Customer/Vendor profiles; Purchase, Sales, and Profit Trend-Analysis graphs; Summary to detail Invoices, Sales Orders, Credits, Payments, Purchase Orders; Real-time Inventory status with Transaction History, and Account notepad with time-stamping. [Promoted]

1993 Aug – Project Manager, Sr. Software Developer (+2 yrs)

Interviewed top candidates for new Programmer/Analyst positions, tested their problem solving abilities, and evaluated concept-to-code efficiency; Trained and managed Software Development Team.

Developed Issue Tracking System (ITS) Windows software for Seaman’s Furniture (National Retailer) with multi-user login, ticket tracking, priority sorting, time-stamped notes, ticket alerts, work assignment report, and Administrative back-end; Migrated and developed into ITS Windows software (“911 Help Desk”) for commercial release.

Developed Contact Manager (CM) Windows software (“3-2-1 Contact”) for commercial release with user account roles and privileges, customizable fields, contact grouping, call scheduling, automated dialing, contact notepad with time-stamping, advanced search, and 3rd party software integration.

Developed Content Management System (CMS) Mac OS software (“Course Manager”) for New York University’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) faculty bios, courses, and class schedules; Developed add-in (“Quark Layout”) that auto-inserts markup tags for Designer/Printer CMS automation cut production time and publication cost in half.

Developed Warehouse Management (WMS) and Inventory Control (ICS) System for Fox’s Designer Clothing (National Retailer) to capture and analyze point-of-sale data from retail stores with multi-site auto polling, real-time Inventory Tracking and Control, bar-code integration, advanced sales and inventory analytics reports.


April 30, 1995 – The National Science Foundation (NSF) decommissions its NSFNET Internet backbone, lifts restriction on commercial use of the network, and turns operations over to the private sector – the commercial Internet officially launches and is open for business. By year-end, four prolific eCommerce sites launched: Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, and Match.com. Netscape’s historic IPO and Microsoft’s FREE Internet Explorer 1.0 was released.

1995 Aug – Web Architect (+1 yr, 11mo)

Deployed TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, SQL Server and Internet Information Server (IIS) for Windows NT Server in-house; R&D Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to SQL Server over Internet, ColdFusion, and WebLink DB-to-Web CGI apps.

Developed company website for ‘WeberSystems’ in-house on Windows NT/IIS platform; Evaluated Web Hosting providers and launched website on Linux/Apache platform.

Developed and launched e-Directory site for CosmeticIndex® with categorical business listings, classified ads, industry news, and advertiser sign-up forms – one of the first beauty directories on the Internet.

Developed Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Online Physician Referral Guide – their first searchable database-driven web platform; Designed and structured DB schema from unstructured data files; Imported, parsed, cleaned, and formatted data for SQL Server connectivity to web server.

R&D e-Commerce platforms, shopping cart systems, electronic catalogs, and dynamic website platforms for Windows NT/IIS and Linux/Apache servers; Developed and launched e-Commerce store for ‘1StopShop’ with first open-source shopping cart system on Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl (LAMP) stack.

Developed and launched e-Commerce store for CosmeticMall® with full-featured shopping cart system, product search and browse, shipping rates, tax calculation, customer accounts, SSL encrypted pages, PGP encrypted orders, and cross-browser compatibility – one of the first beauty stores on the Internet.

Developed Web Content Management System (WCMS) Mac OS software add-in for New York University’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) that auto-inserts HTML markup tags and outputs faculty bios, courses, and class schedules for SQL Server connectivity to web server.

1997 July 3rd – Respectfully resigned (4 weeks notice 6/30)

1997 July 5th – Launched E x p e r i e n c e d . c o m

Commenced development of MyWebManager™ Content Management System (CMS) for e-Business

MyWebManager™Click here for Web App Development History

D a n i e l  M o n a g h a n
Chief Solution Architect