Prior to launching  E x p e r i e n c e d . c o m
Professional Software Developer, Project Manager, and Pioneer Web Architect  (9 yrs, 2 mo)

SEC Online Inc.
– Hauppauge, New York  (3 yrs, 2 mo)
Electronic Information Provider / Financial Technology Startup
First company to distribute Security and Exchange Commission filings in full-text via electronic means

D a n i e l   M o n a g h a n
1988 May – Data Center Manager, Programmer/Analyst  (1 yr)

  Streamlined Data Center Operations by conceiving and developing an automated Tape Management System (TMS) with fast-entry user-interface (UI) to manage and track all media received and shipped, print volume labels, shipping labels, and packing slips – ensured accurate and timely distribution with tracking.

  Created ad-hoc reports detailing all SEC filings currently in production, sorted by received date and filing type (Annual Report, 10K, 10Q, Proxy) – ensured prioritized attention.

  Authored technical manual (“Data Tape Production Guide”) detailing procedures and guidelines for loading source data to production server and finalizing master tapes for backup and distribution – ensured media reliability for world-wide financial networks:  Dow Jones & Company, Standard & Poor’s, Mead Lexus/Nexus, Westlaw, and ICC/London.  [Promoted]

1989 May – Lead Programmer/Analyst  (+1 yr)

  Customized and optimized mission-critical database applications for client-server Production Dept. system managing 5,000 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) & American Stock Exchange (AMSE) companies, and 40,000 SEC filings – ensured optimal performance on server and workstations.

  Created ad-hoc quality control reports identifying data-entry errors and implemented field validation rules – ensured data integrity in the document production system.

  Authored and maintained training manual (“Production Application”) with user-interface (UI) screenshots and captions detailing the data-entry screens, field validationction, database guidelines, field validation criteria, and status reports identifying highest priority filings – ensured thorough understanding of the system.

  Authored and maintained technical manual (“Production Database”) detailing database schemas, field validation criteria, applications, reports, source code, and maintenance routines – ensured software documentation and database administration procedures were up-to-date.

  Conceived and implemented Vendor Invoice Report detailing billed vs. actual data-entry charges – identified over a quarter-million dollars in vendor overcharges.  [Promoted]

1990 May – Database Administrator, Head Developer  (+1 yr, 2 mo)

  ILT Course Certified Rapid Application Development (RAD) in Oracle and Progress 4GL/SQL 10-day Intensive Training Seminar (ITS) sponsored by Sequent Computer Systems.

  Deployed state-of-the-art Progress 4GL/SQL Server development platform for Novell NetWare, designed new RDBMS for SEC company profiles and filings, and migrated legacy databases to new SQL Server architecture.

  Developed cross-platform user interface (UI) for new RDBMS in Progress 4GL/SQL (“The Company Resume”) profiling 5,000 NYSE & AMEX companies, and served as the primary index to 40,000 electronic SEC filings; Designed custom command-line interface (CLI) with user-friendly search paradigm for advanced RDBMS queries on our proprietary online platform.

  Authored and maintained technical manual (“The Company Resume”) detailing RDBMS schema and implementation guidelines included on commercial CD-ROM and distributed daily to world-wide financial networks:  Dow Jones & Company, Standard & Poor’s, Mead Lexus/Nexus, Westlaw, and ICC/London.

  Authored and maintained technical manual (“Database Administrator’s Guide”) detailing RDBMS schema, keys, indexes, applications, reports, source code, maintenance tasks and responsibilities – ensured database integrity, performance, reliability, and security.

1991 July – SEC Online Inc. acquired by Disclosure Inc. and relocated to Maryland

Weber Systems Inc. – Hauppauge, New York  (5 yrs, 11 mo)
Systems Integration & Software Development Firm
Microsoft Solution Provider:  Visual Foxpro for Windows & Mac, Visual Basic

1991 Aug – Head Programmer/Analyst, Software Developer  (2 yrs)

●  Customized AccountMate™ Accounting software modules per client needs:  Accounts Receivable (A/R), Sales Order (S/O), Accounts Payable (A/P), Purchase Order (P/O), General Ledger (G/L), Inventory Control (I/C), Point-of-Sale System (POS).

●  Developed AccountMate™ add-in (“Customer Account Query”) with detailed Customer Profiles, Sales, Payments, and Aging; Summary to detail Invoices, Sales Orders, Credits, Payments; Real-time Inventory status with Transactions History.

  Reviewed and discussed software modification requests with clients, examined source code to estimate implementation time, and created detailed Sales Quotes; Modified software upon approval, deployed updates, and Invoiced clients.

●  Developed AccountMate™ stand-alone software (“Windows Account Query”) for commercial release with in-depth Customer/Vendor profiles; Purchase, Sales, and Profit Trend-Analysis graphs; Summary to detail Invoices, Sales Orders, Credits, Payments, Purchase Orders; Real-time Inventory status with Transaction History, and Account notepad with time-stamping.  [Promoted]

1993 Aug – Project Manager, Sr. Software Developer  (+2 yrs)

  Interviewed top candidates for new Programmer/Analyst positions, tested their problem solving abilities, and evaluated concept-to-code efficiency; Trained and managed Software Development Team.

●  Developed Issue Tracking System (ITS) Windows software for Seaman’s Furniture (National Retailer) with multi-user login, ticket tracking, priority sorting, time-stamped notes, ticket alerts, work assignment report, and Administrative back-end; Migrated and developed into ITS Windows software (“911 Help Desk”) for commercial release.

●  Developed Contact Manager (CM) Windows software (“3-2-1 Contact”) for commercial release with user account roles and privileges, customizable fields, contact grouping, call scheduling, automated dialing, contact notepad with time-stamping, advanced search, and 3rd party software integration.

●  Developed Content Management System (CMS) Mac OS software (“Course Manager”) for New York University’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) faculty bios, courses, and class schedules; Developed add-in (“Quark Layout”) that auto-inserts markup tags for Designer/Printer CMS automation cut production time and publication cost in half.

●  Developed Warehouse Management (WMS) and Inventory Control (ICS) System for Fox’s Designer Clothing (National Retailer) to capture and analyze point-of-sale data from retail stores with multi-site auto polling, real-time Inventory Tracking and Control, bar-code integration, advanced sales and inventory analytics reports.


April 30, 1995 – The National Science Foundation (NSF) decommissions its NSFNET Internet backbone, lifts restriction on commercial use of the network, and turns operations over to the private sector – the commercial Internet officially launches and is open for business.  By year-end, four prolific eCommerce sites launch:  Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, and Match.com.  Netscape’s historic IPO and Microsoft’s FREE Internet Explorer 1.0 also debut.

1995 Aug – Project Manager, Web Architect  (+1 yr, 11mo)

  Deployed TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, SQL Server and Internet Information Server (IIS) for Windows NT Server in-house; R&D Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to SQL Server over Internet, ColdFusion, and WebLink DB-to-Web CGI apps.

  Developed company website for ‘WeberSystems’ in-house on Windows NT/IIS platform; Evaluated Web Hosting providers and launched website on Linux/Apache platform.

●  Developed and launched e-Directory site for CosmeticIndex® with categorical business listings, classified ads, industry news, and advertiser sign-up forms – one of the first beauty directories on the Internet.

  Developed Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Online Physician Referral Guide – their first searchable database-driven web platform; Designed and structured DB schema from unstructured data files; Imported, parsed, cleaned, and formatted data for SQL Server connectivity to web server.

  R&D e-Commerce platforms, shopping cart systems, electronic catalogs, and dynamic website platforms for Windows NT/IIS and Linux/Apache servers; Developed and launched e-Commerce store for ‘1StopShop’ with first open-source shopping cart system on Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl (LAMP) stack.

●  Developed and launched e-Commerce store for CosmeticMall® with full-featured shopping cart system, product search and browse, shipping rates, tax calculation, customer accounts, SSL encrypted pages, PGP encrypted orders, and cross-browser compatibility – one of the first beauty stores on the Internet.

●  Developed Web Content Management System (WCMS) Mac OS software add-in for New York University’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) that auto-inserts HTML markup tags and outputs faculty bios, courses, and class schedules for SQL Server connectivity to web server.

1997 July 3rd – Respectfully resigned  (4 weeks notice 6/30)

1997 July 5th – Launched  E x p e r i e n c e d . c o m

Commenced development of MyWebManager™ Content Management System (CMS) for dynamic websites

MyWebManager™Click here for Web App Development History

D a n i e l   M o n a g h a n
Sr. Consulting Analyst  ◊  Web Architect  ◊  Software Engineer