Cybersecurity Defense


●  Layered Security: Advanced Policy Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF) ModSecurity CRS (Core Rule Set) and OWASP3, Edge Security
●  Advanced Server Hardening:  Jailshells, Access Control Lists (ACL), Group Policies, Host Access Control, Two-Factor Authentication, IPTables, SSH/OpenSSH/RSA Security Keys
●  Security Audit Tools:  Kali Linux, Rootkit Scanners, Bypass Shells, Linux Malware Scanners, WordPress Scanners (WPScan)


Real-time Threat Detection / Digital Evidence Collection
  Rapid inspection, analysis, decoding and interpretation of Malware scripts and rogue files
  Rapid inspection of hacked sites prior to restore to collect digital evidence
  Rapid analysis of collected PHP scripts to gather identifiable-code in unknown Zero-Day Malware
  Rapid decoding of PHP scripts with various obfuscation methods including advanced multi-level techniques

Real-time Threat Containment
  Rapid code interpretation to identify dangerous back-door routines contained in scripts installed on server
  Rapid containment of scripts after code deemed safe to remove without triggering mass-deface and mass-delete routines
  Rapid search for all new identifiable-code and identifiable-filenames to locate more hacked accounts
●  REPEAT procedures above until all threat is contained

Breach Analysis / Server Hardening
  Post-mortem analysis of hacked accounts & Malware to identify & fix password exploits and vulnerabilities

Advanced Malware Analysis / Resiliency Testing / Risk Assessment
  Post-mortem analysis, decoding and Test-lab runs of advanced Webshells, Phishing Scams, and Hacking Tools

^ Zero-day Malware with advanced obfuscation

^ Post-mortem analysis:  Advanced webshell backdoor

Experienced Cyber Security Solutions


We offer comprehensive and cost-effective Cybersecurity solutions for businesses with dedicated LAMP servers, including large-scale Website Hosting Providers.

  Immediate Action Rapid Deployment of Advanced Policy Firewall and Cyber Defense Infrastructure with (7) layered security ‘check-point’ alerts:  Web Access, Logins, Processes, OS Files, Mail Server, Web Apps, and File System



  Deployment, supervision, administration, customization of Firewall Alerts Manager – aka Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  Advanced analysis & calibration of Firewall Alerts and ModSecurity blocks (examine WordPress scripts for exploits before disabling any security)

^Our Firewall Alerts Manager scanned and prioritized 8,500 Security Alerts from 3 servers (1,000+ websites) for fast and efficient incident response analysis during an 11 week operation

D a n i e l  M o n a g h a n
Chief Solution Architect

Securing high-target servers with WordPress hosted websites is our specialty
See case study below and Contact us for more info


A National Hosting Co. with one-thousand business web sites across three active web servers. When emergency call came in, their primary server had critical cyber breach with malware and phishing scripts spreading rapidly as hackers were defacing and deleting web sites.

Cyber Security Immediate Action with Detailed Technical Analysis & Methodology:

First 52 Hours – Immediate Action Rapid Deployment of Advanced Firewall & Cyber-Attack Defense Infrastructure. Rapid Inspection, Analysis, Decoding and Interpretation of Malware scripts and Rogue files with various obfuscation methods to identify dangerous back-door routines. Rapid containment of scripts after code deemed safe to remove without triggering mass-deface or mass-delete routines. 
[Contact Us to view full report – Adobe PDF]

Cyber Security Retainers 1+2 incl. Security Desk Issues [Chronological]:

Next 2 Months – Deployment, Supervision, Administration, Customization of Firewall Alerts Management System. Advanced Analysis & Calibration of Firewall Alerts & ModSecurity blocks. Post Analysis of Hacked Accounts & Malware to Identify & Fix Server Exploits. Post Analysis, Decoding and Test Lab Runs of Advanced Webshells, Phishing Scams, and Hacking Tools. Advanced Server Hardening of Firewall & Cyber Security Defense Infrastructure.

[Contact Us to view full report – Adobe PDF]

NOTE:  On January 1 2017, both reports were filed with IC3.GOV – the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was notified as well.

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Experienced Cyber Security Solutions
When we were contacted, their website had been offline for two months and we were asked restore a backup copy to new hosting server. The backup archive contained dozens of Malware infected files, including infected database records, that had to be hand-decoded and analyzed first.

Website Backup Infected with Malware:  Decode & analyze files to determine source of Cybersecurity breach

Cyber criminals exploited a notorious vulnerability in the website’s “Revolution Slider” plugin [RevSlider Vulnerability Leads To Massive WordPress SoakSoak Compromise] and installed advanced Ransomware [SoakSoak Botnet Spreads Ransomware Through WordPress Revslider Plugin].  Identified and removed Malware and Ransomware Botnet from website that was undetected for over two years, cleaned & rebuilt all PHP files and databases by hand, secured entire website and re-launched within a week. [view fixed site]